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Dear User,

1- If you are using Alitronika's application software, DVSStation3/4/IP you do not need to download or install the Drivers.
Please download DVSStation3/4/IP_Setup and install it first before connecting any Alitronika's PCI or USB devices.
DVSStation3/4/IP_Setup automatically installs all drivers.
These versions support Windows XP, Vista ( 32 & 64 ) and WIN7 ( 64 ).




2- If you are using your own application software or a third party software,( e.g. TSReader ) then you may need to install the drivers.
If you have already installed DVSStation3/4/IP on your system then you do not need to install the drivers.

Windows Drivers Installer for DVSStation3

Windows Drivers Installer for DVSStation4


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