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Alitronika's modulator products allow you to modulate any which way you wish.

AT290PCI, AT2900PCI and AT3900USB all support DVB-S2X at no extra cost.
It has always been Alitronika's policy to offer the best value for our customers. We are pleased to announce the addition of full DVB-S2X modulation support to our AT290PCI, AT2900PCI & AT3900USB devices. More...

AT2780PCI Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C/ATSC-8VSB Modulator now supports DVB-T2
It has always been Alitronika's policy to offer the best value for our customers. We are pleased to announce the addition of full DVB-T2 modulation support to our AT2780PCI device. The AT2780PCI could now be used as DVB-T2 modulator. More...

DVSStation3 is all you need
Alitronika's powerful and FREE application software, DVSStation3 has been up-graded to support Windows XP x86, Windows Vista x86 & x64 and Windows 7 x64. The new up-grad retains its user friendly and no-nonsense approach to Transport Stream Playing, recording & analyzing, but with much more functions and features. Some are just a slight improvement on the performance, where others are new features such as a TS Viewer, DVB to IP conversion, integration with popular 3rd part software like VideoLan and TSReader. Support for AT2780PCI, DVB-T2 Modulation mode has been added. Please download it and give it a try. Without any of our devices, it works in demo mode. DVSStation3 supports every one of Alitronika's devices so users need not to learn how to use the application software for every device they buy. More...

iStream On My Own ! A Transport Stream Player/Recorder without a PC !
Alitronika DVS has good news for all those who wish for a STAND ALONE transport stream player/recorder to use as signal source. Alitronika devices, unlike devices offered by other vendors, are all hardware based systems in which almost all of the play or record functions are carried out by the devices themselves rather than the PC/Laptop. This means there in little or no need for the PC/Laptop. The AT40USB, for example, only requires the stream supplied to it from a source. This source may as well be on board the device in the form of a Compact Flash Disk. This is what exactly the AT140USB ( iStream On My Own )  is, an AT40USB with a Compact Flash Disk on board. When connected to a PC/Laptop it just functions as a normal TS Player/Recorder. On stand alone mode, the device could be used to record a TS from any source or play a TS stored on its integrated Compact Flash Disk. The small size and low power consumptions makes it the ideal " carry around" Transport Stream Player & Recorder. The AT140 provides a cost effective, supper reliable device designed to continuously play any compressed video clips. There are no motors or fans to fail, PCs to crash. It is designed for 24/7 operation and provide "always on" and reliable 1-50Mbps MPEG2 or H.264 transport streams to devices where "Set & Forget"is desirable. More...

AT660PCI/USB, Alitronika's new Multi-standard TS Recorder with support for DVB-S2
Alitronika's range of TS Receiver/Recorder/Converter which included AT600USB/PCI (DVB-S), AT700PCI/USB (DVB-C) & AT800PCI/USB (DVB-T), now have a new member, the AT660PCI/USB. This device has support for DVB-S & DVB-S2. This multi-standards operates in 950 to 2150 MHz range, with symbol rates of 2 to 45Msps. It supports Legacy DVB-S & DirectTVTM, DVB-S2 all modes, QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK & 32APSK. The device also supports CCM (Constant Coding & Modulation), ACM (Adaptive Coding & Modulation) & VCM (Variable Coding & Modulation). More...

AT780PCI/USB & AT78XUSB Multi-standard TS Recorder with support for DVB-T2/T/C
The AT780PCI/USB & AT78XUSB similar to all other Receiver/Demodulator/Recorder/Converter, combine many useful functions. They are welcome addition popular & powerful devices such as AT800/AT700/AT720 range of products. State of art tuner, demodulator devices are used so that minimum user inputs are needed. These devices support DVB-T2, all modes, DVB-T and DVB-C, all QAM standards ( A, B, C & extended QAM256 ) modes. More...

iMod, AT290USB, DVB-S/S2 in full production 
After the success of iMod, AT278USB, the smallest Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C & ATSC-8VSB modulator, we pleased to announce a new addition to the iMod family, the AT290USB, the smallest DVB-S/S modulator. More...

iMod & iDo it All are in full production
Alitronika is pleased to announce the addition of the iMod, the smallest Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C & ATSC-8VSB modulator, to our extensive range of products. The AT278USB, iMod, is powerful & function rich in a small, handheld case. The iMod is a no-compromise equipment which provide even more flexibility and portability to users who want full functionality, such as DVB-T/H/C & ATSC modulation in one device as well as having many options as far as inputs & outputs are concerned. The iMod has RF & IF outputs as well as DVB-ASI input for modulating from an external TS source. It is fully hardware based and requires little or no CPU usage. iMod is the ideal device for demos, demonstrations, trade shows as well as were many modulator devices are needed in a small space. With iMod you no loner need to use a PCI based modulator board housed in a large PC or a 19" case to carry out say DVB-H modulation. More...

" iDo it All ", the AT40XR2USB, is the up-grad to well know and well appreciated AT40XUSB device. Due to popular demand by the users some extra user controls such as being able to select between LDVS & LVTTL/LVCMOS for SPI input & output has been added. The device now comes in more robust small metal case. The AT40XR2USB is the most powerful DVB & SMPTE device on the market it offers many functions & options such as : 
 1- DVB-ASI to USB 2.0 converter ( TS Recorder )
 2- USB 2.0 to DVB-ASI converter ( TS Player )
 3- DVB-SPI ( LVDS or LVTTL/LVCMOS ) to  USB 2.0 converter ( TS Recorder )
 4- USB 2.0 to DVB-SPI ( LVDS or LVTTL/LVCMOS ) converter ( TS Player )
 5- SDI to USB 2.0 converter ( SDI Recorder )
 6- USB 2.0 to SDI converter ( SDI Player )
 7- DVB-ASI to DVB-SPI converter ( Serial to Parallel converter )
 8- DVB-SPI to DVB-ASI converter ( Parallel to Serial converter )
Hence the name " iDo it All ". All these functions, including FREE application software, comes at a price lower than the price competition is asking for a simple DVB-ASI input device. More...

Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C Modulators now support ATSC-8VSB
It has always been Alitronika's policy to  offer the best value for our customers. We are pleased to announce the addition of full ATSC-8VSB modulation support ( compliant with ATSC A/53 8-VSB ) to our  PCI and USB based Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C. The AT2780USB & AT2780PCI could now be used as ATSC-8VSB modulator at NO EXTRA COST. In order to use this new function just download and install the latest application software, DVSStation2. The rest is done automatically for you.

DVB-S/S2 Modulators now support DVB-DSNG
DSNG ( Digital Satellite News Gathering ) - SNGs ( Satellite News Gathering ) is the use of mobile communication equipment for the purpose of worldwide newscasting. The earliest SNG equipments used Analog modulation. During the 1990s Digital modulation supplanted analog modulation, giving rise to newer technology of Digital News Gathering. Alitronika's DVB-S/S2 Satellite modulators now support DSNG fully compliant with ETSI EN 300 421 & ETSI EN 301 210. The DVB-DSNG function has been added to AT2900USB/PCI modulators t NO EXTRA COST. In order to use this new function just download and install the latest application software, DVSStation2. The rest is done automatically for you.

DVB-S/S2 Modulators with VHF & UHF Up Converters in full production
Alitronika's PCI and USB based modulator range are now extended to cover DVB-S/S2 modulators. Also with IF & RF outputs, these are now in full production. The AT2900USB, AT2900PCI DVB-S/S2 modulators support up conversion for 950-2150MHz frequency range. These devices are capable of modulating Transport Streams from a file on the harddisk or from an external DVB-ASI or DVB-SPI source. All modulation modes of DVB-S & DVB-S2 are supported.

Multi-Standard DVB-T/H/C Modulators with VHF & UHF Up Converters in full production
Following the success of the DVB-T/H and DVB-C modulators, Alitronika introduces  PCI and USB based Muti-Standard DVB-T/H/C ( QAM A, B & C )  modulators with IF & RF outputs. The AT2780USB & AT2780PCI are all you need to generate DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-C signal.

DVB-T/H & DVB-C Modulators with VHF & UHF Up Converters in full production
Alitronika's range of PCI and USB based DVB-T/H and DVB-C modulators with IF & RF outputs are now in full production. The AT2800USB, AT2800PCI DVB-T/H Modulators and the AT2700USB , AT2700PCI DVB-C , AT2900USB DVB-S/S2 modulators all support both VHF and UHF up conversion. These devices are capable of modulating Transport Streams from a file on the harddisk or from an external DVB-ASI or DVB-SPI source.
Why these devices are better than that of the others ?
1-Some of these so called modulators are not real DVB-T modulator, but DVB-C modulators with the DVB-T modulation done in software. The result is more than 30% CPU occupancy and requirement for more expensive PC. 
2-As well as PCI version, we offer a USB based version which is most suitable for using with a laptop PC.
3-Alitronika's devices have ASI/SPI input & output so one can modulate from any DVB source, an encoder for example as well being able to monitor the modulated Transport Stream.
4-Our devices have IF outputs and they can be used with a broadcast quality UP-Converter for DVB Transmission.
5-With support for only UHF ( from 400Mhz-862MHz ) other modulators can not even be used to fully test set-up boxes which almost always need the full VHF/UHF range. Alitronika devices have full range of 50 MHz to 1000MHz.
6-Alitronika's devices have RF output with the output power range of +2dBm to -35dBm for DVB-T/H/C and -10dBm to -35dBm for DVB-S/S2 modulators. 
7-The RF & IF output signals are much better quality. 
8-Alitronika modulators use less than 5 Watts power as a result  they can be run 24hurs/7 days which is needed for long term testing.
9-EMC metal shields ensure that they make no noise for other device and they can be placed next to other cards inside the PC.
10-Others have difficult to use SDK/API since they are trying to protect their software based modulator.
11-Alitronika's devices include FREE application software
12-They are capable of Playing, Recording, DVB-ASI Transport Streams as extra function.
13-They cost less, simply less, not some impossible to verify claims like " Best price per function per product per.......".

DVB-T Receivers/Recorders with support for 6MHz bandwidth
Alitronika's range of DVB-T receivers/recorders now have support for 6MHz bandwidth used in some countries. The AT80USB/AT800USB/AT800PCI devices support 6, 7 & 8 MHz bandwidths. 

Linux Drivers
Alitronika's PCI products have now support for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 versions drivers and API.

DVSStation2 Supports Hex Editor for TS Editing
Alitronika's powerful application software, DVSStation2, which is included with every Alitronika product FREE of charge, now supports a Hex Editor application to be used for TS Editing.

DVSStation2 Supports Real Time Quick TS Analyser
Alitronika's powerful application software, DVSStation2, which is included with every Alitronika product FREE of charge, now supports a Real Time Quick Transport Stream Analyser. The DVSStation2 is an integrated transport stream player, generator, recorder and monitor and now has an integrated TS analyser function. When working with a lot of MPEG2 Transport streams such as recording or playing back then a simple tool is sufficient to carry out a quick analyses on the transport streams. The Integrated Transport Stream Analyser is such a tool. It produces a list of the PIDs used in the transport stream including the following information:

  • Number of Packets total per PID.
  • Number of Continuity Counter Errors in total per PID.
  • Pid Content Type (PES, PSI, ECM, EMM).
  • PSI Table-IDs & Table Name.
  • PES Stream IDs, Language and PMT-assigned Stream IDs

Alitronika DVS a Fantastic idea for a Fantastic product
There are small USB so called adapters on the market. These devices are only DVB-ASI input or output devices, not much choice there. But the designers, developers and test engineers often need more than an ASI input or output device. In addition these devices cost far too much for what they do and the cost of the application software, without which the device can not operate, is extra. Alitronika has introduced a range of USB based devices small enough to fit in your hand, which cater for all sorts of DVB inputs and outputs and do not need an external power supply. The Fantastic range consists of 8 devices. DVB-ASI input, DVB-ASI output, DVB-T input, DVB-S input, DVB-C input, DVB-SPI input, DVB-SPI output and a DVB-ASI input + output. These devices, like all other Alitronika devices, include free application software. They cost much less with much better functionality.

Alitronika DVS- When is a good product a great product?
When it comes to the real test that if a product is not just a product but a great one is if potential users are really happy when they hear about it. They have been looking for such a device.
When Alitronika introduced its AT600 ( QPSK ), AT700 ( QAM ) and AT800 ( COFDM) demodulator products, in both PCI and USB versions, we knew they were not just another product but really ground breaking products by the kind of reaction we get from the users. One customer told us he has been looking everywhere for a device to record full transport stream from his Satellite source. There were not any interface devices which enabled the user to record full Transport Streams from a DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C into  a file on a harddisk. In addition these devices can be used to playback transport streams from files via DVB-ASI or/and DVB-SPI. They can also convert the incoming DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C transport streams into DVB-ASI or/and DVB-SPI for which every lab has a lot of test equipments. As for the cost, they cost less than a simple DVB-ASI player from most other suppliers. The user friendly application software, DVSStation is included free of charge with every device

Alitronika DVS- A success story
In such a short time from having a handful of products on offer Alitronika has now has 10s of hardware and software products and has become a leading manufacturer of Digital Video Interfacing Products. The IBC Daily referred to us as " Netherlands-based manufacturer of all things to do with digital video interfacing, Alitronika DVS ", which is what we are. We make digital interfacing easy and we know what designers and developer and test engineers need. Where Alitronika goes others follow. A year ago there were either DVB-ASI input or outputs USB based devices on the market. But then Alitronika introduced AT400PCI and AT400USB which combine eight different functions on one board. The AT400PCI and AT400USB not only offer the user the choice of a PCI or USB based system, but also the choice of both Parallel & Serial inputs and output for both DVB and SMPTE. No wonder why manufacturers of digital video products, system integrators and software developers turn to Alitronika devices to provide them with the functionality they need and at the price they can afford. Every device is supplied with a free, user friendly application software.

Alitronika Digital Video System, The Design Concept 
The value of high quality development tools and OEM products for the success of any development process can not be under-estimated.
Lack of high quality OEM products with desired functionality, can often lead to limitation in functionality of the products under development.
At Alitronika DVS, our aim is to design, develop, produce and market professional quality products intended for professionals at competitive prices to aid your product development. Alitronika DVS is involved in major research and development efforts to ensure its products keep in step with the demands of the broadcasting industry. Alitronika’s range of function-rich PCI and USB based hardware products, together with their related software, take Digital Video Interfacing to a new level. They provide interfacing for DVB-ASI, DVB-SPI, DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T. Our high quality, function-rich products speak for themselves. Alitronika will compliment them with the care and service one can only get from a dedicated company. All Alitronika’s products have been developed with the end users very much in mind. Furthermore, Alitronika is able to customize any product to your particular need and requirement, provide you with programming interface to facilitate the development of your applications.


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