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Alitronika's DVSStation3/4/IP is an integrated Transport Stream Player, Recorder, Analyzer and Editor. Indeed DVSStation3/4/IP is the only application software one may need to make a complete DVB transport stream station, be it Transport Stream generation, recording or analyzing. DVSStation3/4 offers all the functions needed and what is more this powerful software is FREE with every Alitronika's products. DVSStationIP is the latest in the range of our software support for our products which allows users to Play, Record and DVB Transport Streams from any IP based system. A Real Time Quick TS Analyzer is included.

If you need more functions & features we recommend 3rd part TS Analyzer software such as TSReader. At Alitronika we design, develop & maufacture oue own products. Most others suppliers buy their products from some other places & just add their software to it.

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An Integrated TS player, Recorder and analyzer.



An Integrated TS player, Recorder and analyzer.



An Integrated TS player, Recorder and analyzer.

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